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Erteashat Sanate Arak Co..


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 Shahram Farjadnia (Commercial manager):

 Mobile No.: +98 919 222 7606

 Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Head office address: No. 23, 3rd floor,  Chamran medical building, Parvaneh St., Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Highway, Tehran, Iran

Phone No.: +98 21 88331041-2

Fax No.: +98 21 88339417


Factory address: West Pooyandegan St., 301 St., Kheyrabad industrial zone, Arak, Iran

Phone No.: +98 86 33554201-7

Fax No.: +98 86 33554209


About us

Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan top a new ranking of countries at "extreme risk" of experiencing natural disasters compiled by a global risk assessment company, Our country has been experienced 30 of 40 natural disasters up to now and we have record of more than 10,000 deaths three times. When natural disasters such as earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , tsunamis , storms , flooding , droughts , landslides , extreme temperatures and epidemics or war occur hospitals may be not available or do not work properly in that time so mobile hospitals will be the best or vital choice.

We design and manufacture mobile hospitals in a modular structure which are combination of expandable containers, express set up tents and related connectors which can be transported by trucks, trailers, trains, vessels, airplanes and helicopters, they could be installed and ready to use in any unsuitable reigns in a few hours.

Since 2007 ESA Co. has designed and produced all types of mobile lightweight shelters. We design and produce the containers in various types and configurations in best quality which meet European standards; some special features of them are as follows:

-Best European GRP is applied in panels of our containers.

-Containers’ structure is very light weight due to use of aluminum instead of iron.

-Set up in less than 5 minutes automatically.

-Available as one or two side expandable, fold-out or pull-out type.

-Cost benefit price of our products against European and American brands.

-Three years guarantee for our products.

Our mobile expandable shelters are suit for hospital, communication, radar systems, laboratories, command and control, offices etc.


Erteashat Sanat Arak Co. is a well-known and Leader Company in Islamic Republic of Iran specialized in the engineering and production of Mobile shelters as well as Metal expansion joints.

ESA has been established in 2001 as a producer of Metal expansion joints and promote his field of activity in 2007 by producing durable military and civilian shelters using high-quality glued sandwich panels, designed to meet client specifications.

ESA shelters vary in complexity but are all low in weight, high in strength, well insulated, easy to maintain and extremely rapid to set up. The high quality of the shelters ensures low life cycle cost.

ESA has developed a wide range of mobile and semi-mobile shelter, mostly for emergency events as mobile hospital according to clients’ specification but using our experience to make good and safe solutions and details.

For further information about our services, please contact ESA Co. in Iran and we will do our best to serve your request.


ESA Co. has more than 7 years of experience in designing and producing tailor made shelters to demanding Iranian customers.  

ESA-shelters are in general design according to client specifications and the shelters vary in complexity, but all are lightweight, strong, well-insulated, easy to maintain and extremely rapid to set up.

Shelters are delivered from empty to almost fully equipped and prepared for customers own equipment. ESA do not supply any additional system but we prepare for all kinds of installation. 

We have our own design department and we use CAD in all our design.

Our Quality Assurance System to assure that our products meets the requirements in contracts and/or specification.